Rockwell provides equipment finance solutions to middle market and large corporations. Over the past ten years, the management team has funded more than $3 billion in credit facilities to a multitude of industries. This experience enables the Company to develop financing transactions that match the financing requirement of the client. In the role as funding provider, Rockwell helps our clients manage borrowing risks with the goal of achieving a cost effective flexible solution to their capital equipment requirements.
Equipment Finance

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Rockwell specializes in equipment finance for middle market and large corporate clients. Rockwell has the capability and the goal of underwriting $500 million in equipment financing over the next five year.

Whether youíre looking to improve cash flow, maximize tax advantages, maintain certain balance sheet ratios, or avoid technological obsolescence, our specialized lease structures can be tailored to fit your need
  • Tax Leases / Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Finance Leases
  • Structured Finance
  • TRAC Leases
  • Synthetic Leases
  • Loans (Including Lines of Credit, Revolvers, Term Loans)
  • Solar Host Agreement

In addition to offering the optimal lease structure, it is important to recognize the uniqueness of industry requirements both from an operational and an equipment perspective. The equipment finance group has experience working with clients in a variety of industries, and has expertise working with the following types of equipment:

  • Communications (phone, fax, etc.)
  • Construction
  • Conveyors & Warehousing
  • Factory Automation
  • Food Processing
  • Information Technology
  • Injection Molding
  • Broadcasting towers
  • Machine Tooling
  • Material Handling
  • Medical
  • Office Automation
  • Printing, Mailing, or Sorting
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Surface and Underground Mining
  • Energy Products/Solar
  • HVAC (Boilers and Chillers)
As a financial advisor, one of our primary objectives is to help our clients avoid common risks associated with capital equipment financing. Rockwell will try to blend the customers goals with the following borrowing risks:
  • Competitive Rates
  • Flexible and Creative Structure
  • Documentation (including covenants, guarantors, and borrowing structure)
  • Equipment (including tracking, end-of-term requirements, and asset disposition)
  • Exposure concentration with a single bank or lender


Financial Consulting

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Rockwell provides extensive financial consulting services for middle market companies of all sizes. The Company has experience in addressing a variety of complex capital markets issues from: management buy-outs, to recapitalizations, to balance sheet debt refinancing. Rockwell has the expertise to advise clients on interest rate hedging products, foreign exchange products, and cash management applications and systems.

Additionally, Rockwell has cultivated its advisory services to meet the needs of other financial service providers. Currently Rockwell offers portfolio analysis of lease and loan portfolios. Rockwell applies its expertise in credit, equipment analysis and lease structure including documentation risks.

RC Energy Group

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The time to hedge your companyís future against rising energy costs is now. Eco-Financing gives you the ability to upgrade your business with the latest in Energy Saving Technology, while lowering your Capital and Operational Costs. Addressing the needs of our community, Rockwell Financial Group has worked with one of the worldís largest Distributors of Renewables, to build RC Energy.
Renewable energy Ė the smart choice for business

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Commercial and government installations are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the renewable energy industry because of the many financial, strategic, and operational benefits renewable energy investments offer. A wide array of renewable energy technologies, including photovoltaic, solar thermal and hybrid wind/solar solutions, can offer attractive returns on investments. Solar technology is not experimental, and due to advances in PV modules, inverters, and BOS components, prices have plummeted significantly over the past 20 years. A well-designed system, along with improvements in energy efficiency can dramatically reduce energy costs.

Key Benefits of solar or wind energy system to commercial and government customers:

  • Reduction of energy costs and hedge against rising energy price increases.
  • Matching current and future energy demand through flexible, scalable design
  • Making a capital investment pay for itself within the first half of the systemís lifespan.
  • Reduction environmental impacts and meeting consumer expectations for responsible business practices
  • Building a positive brand image, increasing company visibility, and differentiation from competition

What the program is

The Conergy Commercial Finance Program (CCFP) is a service that provides Conergy dealers with financing solutions for solar electric, solar thermal, and hybrid systems of 20 kw or more. Financial solutions are available for commercial, non-profit, and government entities. Conergy has partnered with Rockwell Financial Group (RFG) to provide tailored financial solutions to their dealers on a national basis.

Armed with both product and financing solutions, Conergy dealers have a competitive edge in landing projects in the commercial and government market sectors.

How the Program Works

Conergy, in partnership with Rockwell Financial Group, provides pre-and post-sales support to dealers negotiating commercial projects. With just a few pieces of key information, Rockwell and Conergy can provide a preliminary financial analysis of the proposed project, incorporating the benefits of tax credits, accelerated depreciation, rebates and/or renewable energy credits, and financing options to enable Conergy dealers to present a complete solution to prospective customers. Once a customer accepts the proposal, RFG ascertains the customerís credit status and prepares a custom proposal of financing option for that customer. After a customer chooses which financial product best suits his or her needs, the loan application is processed.

Sign up Today

Conergy dealers can sign up for CCFP with their regional sales manager and are eligible to participate in the program upon completing a Conergy/Rockwell webinar. Conergy/Rockwell webinars provide a program overview, a brief tutorial on commercial financing, and training on how to use commercial finance as a sales tool.

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