Direct Leasing

Operating or Tax Leases

With an operating lease, companies have the option to lease equipment for the length of time it is needed, without the option to own it. When the lease ends, the customer has the option to purchase, renew or return the equipment to Rockwell Financial Group. Under this format, a business avoids long-term maintenance costs. Likewise, equipment and any depreciation does not have to be claimed on end-of-year taxes, this is handled by the Rockwell team.

Operating leases provide great flexibility. When a company purchases a piece of equipment, it owns it outright for its entirety. When it is no longer needed, the only option is to resell it, usually at a loss. By leasing equipment only for the time needed, the capital outlay is in line with output received from the usage of the asset. This is a valuable consideration if a business is using equipment that runs the risk of becoming obsolete. If that happens, we can provide the option of upgrading or trading in outdated equipment for current products.